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Anxiety test tool helps you rating your anxiety and other mental health issues. This test is very simple but helpful if you want to find out if your life is really messed up due to mild, medium or severe anxiety levels.

Anxiety Test comprised of almost all kind of anxiety symptoms that leads towards depression and other mental disorders so at least give this tool a try to know what are the reasons of anxiety that are a hurdle between you and a happy life.

Do you know if you are really going through any anxiety disorder your personal, social and professional life all will get affected and people will try to avoid you because you will have no control on your thoughts and action due to anxiety attacks. So this tool is for you and you can find out what is anxiety and how you can get better anxiety treatment.

The good news is that for a mild level of anxiety you actually don’t need to consult any professional and you can get anxiety treatment yourself in the comfort of your home without involving any other person. If you have the medium or severe level of anxiety still don’t worry InstaCare have best psychologists and psychiatrists for the right anxiety treatment.

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Special Thanks to Dr Ibrahim Siawash, Leading Psychologist for co-developing the tool for Pakistan.

Anxiety Test Tool

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