Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is a primitive super-fruit obtained from the gooseberry tree, found in virtually every part of India. Amla is the powerhouse of minerals and nutrients, and it contains a sufficient number of vitamins and antioxidants, making it effective in improving overall health. The taste of Alma is sour and a little bit bitter due to the presence of high acidic content in it. Therefore, they are processed and converted into Amla Murabba to preserve them. This preservation method of Amla also increases its shelf life by up to 6 months. The excellent nutrition value of Amla makes it practical for preventing and improving various health issues:

  • Amla comprises more than 80 percent of water.
  • Amla is rich in fiber, protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, and minerals.
  • Amla is an excellent source of gallic acid, a potent polyphenol (antioxidant), and vitamin C
  • Amla fruit also contains various minerals, including copper, iron, zinc, and chromium

Amla Muraba provides multiple health benefits but is handled with care during its preparation because, without a proper method, there is the risk of destroying the nutrition value of Amla. Here are some benefits of Amla Muraba discussed below:

Amla Promotes Hair Growth And Enchantress

Absorption of calcium in the body is highly beneficial for overall health. Analyzers prove that intake of Amla Muraba enhances the absorption of calcium in the body that augments the health of your nails, bones, teeth, and hairs. A sufficient amount of Amla Muraba intake daily promotes hair growths and protects and beautifies them. It also lowers the indications of premature aging, like grey or white hairs.

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Moreover, it also contains various condemning fatty acids that go deep into the hair follicles and nourish them. It prevents dandruff and helps to strengthen the hair follicles. It is also rich in iron and carotene, which enhances hair development. Its natural hair conditioning properties also offer soft shimmering locks in your hair.

Amla Muraba Benefits in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, different physical and hormonal changes occur in the body of a female, due to which she faces various problems like frequent constipation, hair loss, and much more. Pregnant females are recommended to consume a sufficient amount of Amla Muraba beneficial for both mother and the baby. Its intake relieves and prevents constipation, and it is also suitable for hair health.

It acts as a health promotor, improves digestion, and enhances the appetite. It is known as the natural restorer and provides strength to the pregnant female and the fetus. It also supplies a sufficient amount of vitamin C to the mother and the child.

Amla Muraba – Helpful In Reducing Excess Weight

Amla Muraba is well-known for significant health benefits, and one of these benefits is to help your body slim down by destroying excess fat. It improves digestion by increasing the rate of metabolism. Belly fat is the worst type of fat that cause various health problems and leads to severe diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. It extracts belly fat and reduces body weight.

A healthy diet and Amla Murabba intake prevent all these problems. It also maintains good cholesterol and destroys the bad cholesterol in the body.

Amla Muraba – Fights Bad Skin And Makes You Stay Young

Amla Muraba contains a rich amount of vitamin C, A, and E, which are very beneficial in slowing down the aging process. Vitamin A makes collagen that makes the skin elastic and young. Consume the Amla Muraba empty stomach and see the magic in a few days. It prevents collagen degradation, which helps to keep the skin tight, soft, supple, and youthful. Amla Muraba is a natural exfoliator that is useful in treating wrinkles.

The presence of Vitamin C in the Amla Muraba improves the complexion and makes your skin glow all the time, and it provides a natural glow to your skin that stays permanent.

How To Prepare Amla Murabba?

Follow these simple steps to prepare your own Amla Murabba at home

  • Take ripe, succulent Amla fruit and wash them properly.
  • Use a pricking needle to puncture the Amla Muraba.
  • Put the Amla in alum water which removes its bitterness. Take them out after 4 hours.
  • After taking them out, please put them in hot water to remove the alum residue from the fruit.
  • Now, drop the Amla in 2 percent salt solution for a day, then wash them properly unless all the salt is removed.
  • Pass the Amla from the process of blanching for 5 minutes at 95°C.
  • Now, split them into two pieces and discard the seeds. Add the flavors, including black pepper, salt, and cardamom.
  • Fill the mixture into the container and add organic honey as per taste. Cover the container and place sunlight for about ten days, increasing its shelf life.


Naturally available Amla fruit is exceptionally beneficial, as discussed above. Adding Amla Murabba to your daily diet helps you maintain your good health and prevent various harmful diseases. Nutritionists highly recommend Amla Muraba's intake in their patient's diet, which leads them towards living a healthy life.

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