Are you living with a gluten intolerance and struggling to figure out what foods are safe for you to eat? If so, that's totally understandable! Gluten-free diets have become increasingly popular in recent years, yet it can be confusing to identify which items should be avoided. Here at ABC Health we understand your concerns and want to help make this process easier for you.

We've compiled a list of 7 foods that need to be removed from your diet if you suffer from a gluten intolerance - plus tips on other substitutes you can purchase and recipes for each food item! Keep reading - the information here could revolutionize the way you approach grocery shopping forever.

Here are 7 Foods to Avoid with a Gluten Intolerance!

1- Gluten-containing Grains

Gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, can cause serious health issues for those with a gluten intolerance. Thankfully, there are many gluten-free options available, but it's important to be aware of the foods to avoid. Baked goods, pasta, cereal, and beer are just a few examples of gluten-containing grains that should be avoided.

While it may be difficult to give up some of your favorite foods, there are plenty of delicious alternatives to explore. From quinoa to rice flour, there's no need to sacrifice flavor or variety in your diet. By focusing on what you can eat instead of what you can't, you can live a healthy, satisfying gluten-free life.


2- Most Breads, Crackers, and Wraps

For those with gluten sensitivity, the idea of indulging in most breads, crackers, and wraps can be daunting. But fear not, with more and more people being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, there are plenty of options available to keep your taste buds satisfied. From gluten-free bread made with rice or almond flour to creative veggie wraps, the possibilities are endless. While it may take some extra effort to find the perfect gluten-free options for you, don't let your sensitivity stop you from enjoying the flavors you love.


3- Most Baked Goods

As the popularity of gluten-free lifestyles continues to rise, it can be challenging to find baked goods that satisfy both taste and dietary needs. Fortunately, there are a plethora of delicious and satisfying gluten-free options available. From classic chocolate chip cookies to savory scones, there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to gluten-free baking.

With ingredients such as almond flour, coconut flour, and tapioca starch, these treats can be just as flavorful and satisfying as their gluten-containing counterparts. Whether you have a gluten allergy or simply prefer the taste of gluten-free baked goods, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


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4- Wheat-based Pastas

Wheat-based pastas have been a staple in cuisine for centuries, with its versatility in dishes ranging from classic Italian to fusion cuisine. However, for individuals who need to follow a gluten-free meal planning, wheat-based pastas may not be an option. Thankfully, there are now a variety of gluten-free pasta options available that offer the same taste and texture as traditional wheat-based pastas.

Whether it's rice, quinoa, corn, or even chickpea flour, you can enjoy your favorite pasta dishes without sacrificing taste or health. So the next time you are planning your gluten-free meal, don't hesitate to include your favorite wheat-based pasta dish in the menu.


5- Some Snack Foods

When it comes to gluten-free meal planning, finding the right snack foods can sometimes be a challenge. However, with the increasing popularity of gluten-free diets, there are more options available now than ever before. From crunchy rice crackers to sweet and chewy fruit snacks, there are many delicious treats to choose from. Some popular favorites include popcorn, nuts, and fresh fruit. Whether you're snacking on the go or enjoying a movie night at home, gluten-free snack foods are a tasty and healthy option that won't leave you feeling deprived.


6- Certain Beverages

If you're on a gluten-free diet, finding suitable drinks can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of gluten-free drinks out there that you can enjoy without worry. From refreshing fruit smoothies to tasty vegetable juices, there are countless options to suit every taste. For something a little more indulgent, you can treat yourself to a creamy latte made with oat milk or a glass of chilled almond milk. Whatever your preferences, there's a gluten-free beverage out there that's just right for you. So, why not give one a try and discover your new favorite drink today?


7- Several Processed Foods and Other Items

If you're someone who suffers from a gluten intolerance, there are certain foods you'll want to avoid. As many processed foods contain gluten, it can be a challenge to navigate the grocery store aisles. However, with a little bit of prior knowledge, you'll be able to make informed decisions about what to buy and what to skip.

Some commonly found items to avoid include baked goods, cereals, and pasta products. Additionally, products containing wheat, barley, and rye should be avoided as they all contain gluten. While it may take some effort to adjust to a new way of eating, it's important to remember that there are still plenty of delicious and nutritious foods you can enjoy.


Tips for Eating Out

Eating out can be a fun and exciting experience, but for those with a gluten intolerance, it can also be a bit daunting. However, with a few tips and some research beforehand, you don't have to miss out on the joys of dining out. As a rule of thumb, avoid foods that commonly contain gluten, such as bread, pasta, and pastries. Instead, choose dishes that are naturally gluten-free or can be easily modified, like grilled meats, rice dishes, or salads without croutons.

Don't be afraid to ask your server about ingredient lists or how dishes are prepared. With a little bit of planning and communication with your server, you can enjoy a delicious meal out without compromising your gluten-free lifestyle.



Eating a gluten-free diet does not have to be boring or difficult. By knowing which foods to avoid and focusing on eating nutrient-dense ingredients, it’s easy to maintain a healthy and balanced diet that can help support your overall wellbeing. Before you make any changes in terms of what you are consuming, please consult with your primary physician so you can better understand your current dietary needs.

A certified nutritionist can also help provide additional resources and insight when it comes to understanding how best to ensure you are eating the right things, for a happier and healthier life. Start making wise choices today and begin incorporating nutritious fresh, organic fruits and vegetables into your meals. Live an inspired life full of good vibes and wonderful taste!

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