Obesity is the one main reason which causes belly fat. Medically, it is referred to as the mother of diseases. This means that if a person is obese, there are high chances that he will also get other medical conditions. Belly Fat causes visceral fat to increase. The visceral layer of the fat surrounds the lining of our vital organs. It puts immense pressure on our organs, damaging them, and their efficiency to work appropriately decreases. Who in their right mind, having belly fat, would not like to lose it?

Here are 6 facts and details that would help you to reduce your belly fat.

Knowledge of the Type of Obesity

Belly Fat is one of the most common diseases these days. You might wonder, is it a disease? Yes, it is. Sometimes it's genetic, and sometimes it is due to the prevalent sedentary lifestyle of people. If people have moderate to active lifestyles, then it is their eating habits that need to change. There are two significant types of obesity; Android Obesity and Gynoid Obesity, which cause belly fat. Males have a higher ratio of Android obesity, and females have Gynoid. There are three stages of belly fat obesity, and in the 3rd stage, known as Morbid obesity, things get fatal and dangerous. It is easy to treat anything when you know the type and cause of the thing. So, adopt healthy eating habits to avoid life-threatening situations.

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Causing Factors of Belly Fat

The primary issue is the lifestyle of people, which is sedentary. There is zero to no physical activity involved, causing all the fat to deposit in the belly and abdominal region. Unhealthy eating habits are another reason which play an essential role in belly fat accumulation.

Role of Food

Many people have the same question for medical professionals, how to lose belly fat with food. Only avoiding a few food groups and grasping on to some other food groups can help you achieve the goal of losing the fat in the abdominal region.

Habits and Food to Avoid

Many people start keto when they see any signs of fat on their bodies without even consulting. Reducing the glycemic index to too little and zero causes significant problems. And when you start eating carbs again, your GI system stops responding to them and starts to reject them. Yes, you have to avoid some ratio of carbs, but completely stopping them would only worsen your situation.

  • You have to avoid Trans fatty acids and Most of the fats.
  • All of the junk needs to go.
  • You have to avoid the sugars. The only bearable amount of sugar you can take is a half teaspoon. Not more than that.

Food and Habits to Adapt

It is entirely possible to treat belly fat with food.

You have to start eating healthy. Food rich in fiber needs to be in your diet like guavas, consume apple with skin, all the berries have high fiber. Although all the fruits have high fiber, these have enormous amounts of fiber. Vegetables are a good source of fiber. So, take as much as cucumbers as you can.

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Serving Sizes Weekly

Here are some portion sizes and no to take in a week.

  • Fruits should be taken four times a day which is 28 times a week. You can take a serving of fruits before breakfast and 40 minutes after breakfast. Then 2 hours after lunch, an hour before dinner, and one serving is for whenever you feel hungry during the day.
  • Three servings of vegetables in a day and 21 servings in a week.
  • Protein sources are lentils and cereals, which should be taken daily for breakfast. Please consume skimmed milk with fiber-fortified grains.
  • Now, in the meat category, only lean meat is allowed two times a week. Turkey meat, Salmons, and other seafood are high in protein and low in fat. For affordable options, chicken breast can be consumed once a week. And breast piece of lamb one time in 2 weeks.


In closing, the most important thing to address is that people with even the slightest symptom of their belly fat should take it seriously and focus on health. Because it is not just about looks, it is about your health and your life as well. So, lose belly fat using healthy methods as mentioned above, avoiding all the shortcuts like medications.

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