Long Working Hours and Your Health

How you spend your time defines a lot about your health. People who work in factories or get exposed to smoke are more prone to getting respiratory tract diseases. When you go to the doctor, during history, they always ask about your occupation. Many people spend more time out of their homes for jobs, and roads to reach their destination.

Your workplace and its routine have a great impact on your health. People tend to work long hours in the office and do not have enough time to live a healthy lifestyle, cook something healthy for themselves, or to go to the gym. Neglecting yourself for the sake of money can not be justified. You need to take care of yourself so that you can spend a joyous time with your family. In this article, we are going to discuss how can you manage your health during long working hours.

Know Your Peaks and Troughs

If you are more productive in the morning, then try completing all the difficult tasks at that time. For the evening, leave the work that you find easy to do. Moreover, make a planner or timetable to manage things. Keep an eye on the clock to see either you are managing the tasks right or not. Doing this will keep you away from panic at the end of the day or the end of the month. You will have everything done and prepared with you to show it in your head, that will eventually cause you less mental tension and stress.

Take Out Me Time and Family Time

Take out some time, even if it is an hour a day for yourself and your family. Spending time with yourself is necessary to feel good. Self-care and talking to yourself is an essential part of healthy living. You feel relaxed and refreshed when you do that. Moreover, you will have a better vision of your goals if you talk to yourself. Also, spending time with family is the most precious thing in life. Take out some time for your family, sit with them, have a heart-to-heart connected conversation and address their problems. Doing that will make you feel happy. This technique will keep you away from mental stress and, therefore, you can eventually work better.

Incorporate Excercise in Your Routine

Do not keep exercise in your should-do list, instead keep it in the must-to-do list. Either go to the gym at your office or walk back home or go for yoga or play cricket, tennis, or football. But doing physical activity for at least half an hour is necessary for your well-being. Exercise will keep you healthy, and keeping yourself healthy means you will be able to complete your work in a better way. By doing exercise daily, you can reduce the prevalence of many life-threatening conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery diseases.

Eat Clean and Healthy

No matter how busy you are, take out some time to cook a healthy meal for yourself. Do not depend on processed food all your life because you are busy at work. Eating food from the restaurant can predispose you to high levels of cholesterol in the blood, hypertension, and gastritis, etc. Incorporate protein-rich foods in your diets like chicken, lentils, egg, and milk. Moreover, eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruits. Clean eating will keep you active and alert all day long. You will not feel lazy after having a meal. Therefore, you can be more productive at work.

Step Out for Help

If you find anything hard, connect with your colleagues, seek their help. Do not frustrate or overstress yourself due to any task. Talking to someone can help in finding out the solution. Moreover, consult with a psychologist in Lahore or a life coach to find a solution to your problem. Doing this will keep you away from mental frustration and anxiety.


Managing health during long working hours is a complex task to do. But you can do that if you make a proper plan. It is never too late to incorporate positive changes into your life. Think, and make a schedule in which you can take out time for yourself and your family as well. Caring for yourself is not about being selfish. You can not spread love among others if you do not love yourself. So take the first step today towards a new journey. If you are having any health issues, you can consult with a verified Psychologist in Pakistan through InstaCare.