In the holy month of Ramadan, we fast for the whole day to please Allah as this is the month to prefer good deeds and avoid many things, not only the food and drinks but also work to better our character as there is a change in our daily routine like the biggest gap in food consumption.

Due to these changes, our stomach may cause some problems, affecting its functioning, like the formation of gas due to an empty stomach or bloating if we consume too much greasy, heavy foods. Many things cause stomach issues in Ramadan. Sometimes it is due to laziness or sometimes to water, and maybe it is due to the food we are consuming, which is the thing that everyone suffers from during Ramadan.

Why Does It Happen During Ramadan?

The problems of the stomach in Ramadan that everyone face is due to some reasons like;

  • Lack of activity after iftar
  • Consumption of a large number of sweet dishes during Ramadan
  • Due to the long hours of fasting, the metabolism slows down
  • Overeating at the time of iftar

Sometimes due to the consumption of greasy, oily food and overeating, the food makes our stomach upset and causes abdominal bloating because our abdomen feels stuffed. Bloating is usually due to the accumulation of the gas in our intestines or maybe constipation and digestion issues.

How Can We Prevent Stomach Gas?

There are various ways to overcome them to prevent this stomach gas and bloat. So that we can spend our day fasting more easily and comfortably without any disturbances;

Ensure Physical Activity

Physical activity can assist you with disposing of the bulging more effectively, which can help with delivering an abundance of gas and stool. Getting the guts to move is particularly important when an individual is feeling blocked up or constipated. A stroll around the square can give quick help from bloating.

Certain yoga postures can situate the muscles in the mid-region to support the release of overabundance gas from the GI plot. It can reduce stomach gas.

Stay Hydrated:

Avoid fizzy beverages for some time. The remaining hydrated assists with deterring water maintenance in the fact that your body isn't battling to clutch the water it has. Liquor can be dehydrating. It can cause you to feel bloated. Drinking carbonated beverages can likewise prompt gas development and cause you to feel puffy, so have some time off from these seltzer and other bubbly beverages.

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Home Remedies For Stomach Gas Relief

  • Drinking lemon water might assist with animating the stomach-related process. It additionally helps Fluid discharge maintenance.
  • Taking a sip of hot peppermint or chamomile tea might help prevent bulging by alleviating your stomach-related process.

Food You Should Avoid

There are various food that can cause stomach disturbance in Ramadan that needs to be avoided;

  • That multitude of carbonated beverages
  • Food varieties that are oily, spicy, and greasy food sources
  • Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and onions
  • Beans and lentils
  • Apple or prune juice

In a large portion of the circumstances, swelling and infrequent gas typically require no clinical consideration. They can be effortlessly treated by Over-the-counter medications or self-appraisal that includes daily habits and way of life changes.

How To Relief Gas By Food In Ramadan

Here are far to get rid of gas when you break the fast, which is conceivable by eating specific food sources. Here is a portion of the food varieties to treat stomach swelling and gas:

  • The ideal way to dispose of gas is with the assistance of strawberries. The distress or pain related to digestive gas might die down after you have consumed 4-6 strawberries.
  • For a quicker alleviation from a swelled stomach, drink baking soda drink

Concluding It

Stomach problem is common in fasting because there are many changes that our stomach faces during Ramadan. These changes cause stomach gas, constipation, bloating, and others, so they need to be handled properly with daily work.

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