Pakistan is among the most overpopulated countries in the world. The expanding pace of medical problems in Pakistan is disturbing. A portion of these medical problems is prompting new sorts of illnesses while others are most normal that have been destroyed from most of the world yet exist in Pakistan. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), Pakistan is at 122 out of 199 nations as far as medical care norms. The high populace, negative climatic conditions, and absence of instructive and financial improvement are answerable for placing Pakistani residents in an undesirable climate. Specialists and residents are investing their joint amounts of energy to make Pakistan a sound and safe country. Yet, there are some normal sicknesses that need more consideration and exertion to get wiped out. In this article, we will briefly discuss the most common diseases in Pakistan that need more attention:

Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis is influencing countless individuals in Pakistan. As per the World Health Organization Pakistan is one of the main 5 nations that are exceptionally inclined to tuberculosis. To kill this sickness early intercessions should have been taken. It is an irresistible infection that influences the lungs and can be spread by sniffling and hacking. It is about time to focus on this sickness since it can turn out to be dangerous if not treated on schedule. If you are having TB and you want to consult with the best Pulmonologist in Karachi, book an appointment through InstaCare.

Dengue Fever

We are taking on the conflict against dengue for a very long time still it is entirely expected in Pakistan. It has been influencing Pakistani individuals since 2010 and has caused a disturbing circumstance for us all. Dengue is a viral disease that is caused when an individual is nibbled by a female mosquito. It has taken a large number of daily routines of Pakistani individuals particularly those experiencing in provincial regions. Sometime in the past schools and universities were shut due to the dangerous assault of dengue. For the time being, there is no remedy for dengue except for it is totally preventable. To ensure we will not lose all the more valuable lives this illness needs more consideration.


Malignant growth is another major and destructive illness that is as yet influencing numerous cheerful existences of Pakistani individuals. It is one of the normal and driving reasons for death in Pakistan. There are in excess of 100 sorts of this sickness yet bosom malignant growth and lung disease are the two most normal kinds of malignant growth in Pakistan. Most of Pakistan's disease patients don't approach legitimate treatment. There are some trustworthy treatment habitats yet a couple of individuals can manage the cost of them. One more motivation to concentrate on this sickness is the absence of schooling and mindfulness. Many individuals don't know they have malignancy until they are basic phases of the disease.


Pakistan has the most noteworthy diabetes rate in all of South Asia as in excess of 7 million individuals are experiencing diabetes in Pakistan at the present time. The absence of nutritious food and mindfulness is quickly expanding the number of diabetic patients in Pakistan. Specialists and even residents are underestimating this illness. Yet, it needs consideration on a prompt premise in light of the fact that as per an examination by 2030 Pakistan will be among the best 5 nations having the biggest diabetic populace on the planet. You can book an appointment with the best diabetologist in Lahore through the InstaCare platform.


A stroke happens when the bloodstream to the cerebrum is upset. Around 350,000 instances of stroke are accounted for in Pakistan consistently. Persistent pressure in life builds the danger of more established individuals suffering a heart attack or ischemic assault. There are a few emergency clinics in Pakistan that are equipped for treating this infection yet at the same time, they are not many in numbers because of an absence of talented specialists and progressed clinical offices. It is a significant reason for death in Pakistan and it should be in charge.


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What is the main cause of death in Pakistan?

Due to cardiovascular diseases, 30-40 percent of deaths occur in Pakistan. According to health, the organization estimates 12 Pakistanis die due to heart attacks every hour.

What are the 7 most common diseases?

. Tuberculosis

. Dengue

. Diabetes

. Cancer

. Stroke

. Malaria

. Hepatitis C

In Pakistan what are the main sources of health problems?

Communicable diseases have always been the main source of mortality in Pakistan because they rapidly spread due to unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation, poor socioeconomic conditions, and low health awareness.