The covid-19 vaccine protects you from this virus but after getting the dose you may experience some mild side effects but this situation cannot face everyone.

Side effects of Covid-19 are discussed below:

. A sore arm from the injection

. You feel tired

. Headache

. Feeling achy

. You also have a temperature for 1 to 2 days after the vaccination.

 If you face these symptoms consult with the best General physician In Islamabad or you can take paracetamol.

Why are you suffering from the side effects of vaccines?

. Vaccines are designed to boost your immunity to fight the virus without any danger.

. When you get the dose of the vaccine then you face some moderate side effects. This condition occurs because your immune system gives the signal to your body to react in certain ways:

. Your blood flow will increase.

. Increase in body temperature in order to kill the virus.

What are the infrequent side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine?

Facing allergy due to vaccination

Many people face allergies after the vaccination of Covid-19. So when you go for the vaccination, tell the healthcare staff if you have any allergies. It is very rare that anyone has an allergic reaction due to the vaccine. If you are suffering from an allergy to the 1st dose of vaccine then don’t take the 2nd dose of the same vaccine.

Facing blood clot issue

Covid-19 vaccine secures you from the virus on saying from this virus. But some people suffer from the issue of blood clotting by getting the dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. This condition mostly occurs in those people who are forty plus.

Heart inflammation

It is very rare that any person suffers from heart inflammation after the vaccination of Covid-19. If you suffer from chest pain, shortness of breath, and fast beating of the heart then immediately you have to consult with the best Cardiologist in Karachi through InstaCare.


If you are facing the normal side effects after getting the vaccine it means your immune system starts working in response to the vaccine. Vaccination protects you against the Covid-19 virus but if you face the side effects like heart inflammation, blood clotting, and allergies consult with the best general physician in Pakistan through InstaCare.


What are the mild side effects of Covid-19 after the second dose?

. You feel pain and redness or swelling after the shot

. You are suffering from a fever

. Facing fatigue

. Suffer from headache

. Pain in the muscles and joints

. Feeling nausea and vomit

. Swollen lymph node

What are the serious symptoms you can face after the Covid-19 vaccination?

. Face shortness of breath

. Stomach pain

. Headache and blurred vision

. Chest pain

. Swelling in the leg

. Tiny red spots appear on the skin

Will the COVID-19 immunization stop the pandemic?

The immunization improvement and data about its adequacy is a work in progress. The underlying immunizations are accounted for to be defensive against serious sickness, a factor that will deflect large quantities of passings and strain on wellbeing frameworks. More data is required, which we will have over the long run, to depict the job of antibodies in controlling the pandemic.