Popular Products

Vastarel MR Tab 35mg 20 s

Rs/- 360

Tagipmet XR Tab 50mg/1000mg 14 s

Rs/- 378

Sustac Tab 2.6mg 30 s

Rs/- 230

Strepsils Honey and Lemon Lozenges 150 s

Rs/- 1275

Saniplast Family Pack Bandage 100 s

Rs/- 195

Rovista Tab 5mg 10 s

Rs/- 150

Rovista Tab 10mg 10 s

Rs/- 250

Risek Cap 40mg 14 s

Rs/- 364

Risek Cap 20mg 14 s

Rs/- 245

Rigix Tab 10mg 30 s

Rs/- 183

Rapicort 5MG Tab 10X10 S

Rs/- 278

Polythene Gloves

Rs/- 70

Plavix Tab 75mg 28 s

Rs/- 866

Panadol Tab 500mg 200s

Rs/- 284

Panadol Extra Tab 500mg/65mg 100 s

Rs/- 166

Osnate-D Tab 830mg/400IU 30 s

Rs/- 302

Nuberol Forte Tab 650mg/50mg 15 s

Rs/- 88

Norvasc Tab 5mg 30 s

Rs/- 460

Nexum Cap 40mg 2x7 s

Rs/- 400

Neurobion Tab 10x10 s

Rs/- 535

Myteka Tab 10mg 14 s

Rs/- 365

Motilium Tab 10mg 10 s

Rs/- 285

Methycobal Tab 500mcg 100 s

Rs/- 1807

Losec Cap 20mg 14’s

Rs/- 733

Loprin Tab 75 MG 30 s

Rs/- 43

Lipiget Tab 10mg 10 s

Rs/- 180

Lexotanil Tab 3mg 30 s

Rs/- 213

Lasix Tab 40mg 2x50 s

Rs/- 260

Kestine Tab 10mg 10 s

Rs/- 175

Inderal Tab 10mg 50 s

Rs/- 90

Glucophage Tab 500mg 5x10 s

Rs/- 104

Glucophage Tab 1g 5x10 s

Rs/- 162

Galvus Met Tab 50mg/1000mg 30 s

Rs/- 1655

Folic Acid Tab 5mg 100 s (Zafa)

Rs/- 53

Flagyl Tab 400mg 20x10 s

Rs/- 432

Eziday Tab 50mg 20 s

Rs/- 345

Eziday Tab 25mg 20 s

Rs/- 225

EXOL Sol 1000ml

Rs/- 1000

Evion Cap 400mg 10x10 s

Rs/- 592

Deltacortril Tab 5mg 1000 s

Rs/- 1990

Deltacortril Enteric Coated Tab 5mg 100 s

Rs/- 274

Concor Tab 5mg 14 s

Rs/- 234

Concor Tab 2.5mg 14 s

Rs/- 125

Co-Eziday Tab 50mg/12.5mg 2x10 s

Rs/- 365

Brufen Tab 400mg 25x10 s

Rs/- 535

Ascard-75 Tab 75mg 3x10 s

Rs/- 52

Arinac Forte Tab 400mg/60mg 10x10 s

Rs/- 560

Amaryl M SR Tab 2mg/500mg 3x10 s

Rs/- 466

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We are super excited to share with you that InstaCare also provides online medicine home delivery in Pakistan with services in 100+ cities. So with every order greater than PKR 500 you can avail this free service anytime, anywhere. We are striving to provide you the most accessible healthcare services despite any circumstances therefore you can not just buy online medicines but can also book online lab tests and find doctors with online consultation services.

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