Thyroids produce hormones that play an important role in your body’s functioning but when it makes an excessive amount of hormone which affects your body is called thyroid disease.  Due to thyroid disease, you face many causes like Iodine deficiency. In this article, we will discuss what kind of food you have or not when you have thyroid because food plays a key role in the massive spread of disease and it can also help you to control them.

Foods that are good for controlling thyroid


Your thyroid gland needs iodine to produce the hormones which are important for your body so for that you have to take proper iodine in your diet. You can use seaweeds in your diet if you face iron iodine deficiency, it grows in the sea, rivers, and lakes.


If you want to control your thyroid disorder then you have to eat yogurt on a daily basis. Yogurt contains iodine. By using it in your diet it prevents glands from becoming enlarged.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts contain many nutrients but they also contain high amounts of selenium. Selenium controls the thyroid. So add Brazil nuts to your diet in a limited quantity because if you eat more brazil nuts then the selenium also increases in your body which causes garlic breath, hair loss, discolored nails and you can also suffer from a heart attack.


Milk contains Vitamin D but it also has calcium, protein, and iodine. So that is why it is very helpful to control the thyroid because it contains iodine. So, drink milk every day.

Chicken and beef

To control thyroid you have to add zinc to your diet. If you take zinc in very less amounts it means you have a chance of having hypothyroidism. So, add chicken and beef to your diet. It contains a good dose of selenium.


Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid and it also contains selenium which is very helpful to control the thyroid. Fish contain many nutrients. So, you have to eat a fish one time in one or two weeks.


Eggs contain 16% of iodine and 20% of selenium which you need daily. When your body faces a deficiency of iodine use the egg in your diet daily.


The best diet of the thyroid is eating berries; it contains Vitamin D, iodine, and selenium. You can add strawberries, blackberries, goji berries, and cranberries to your daily diet if you do not want to suffer from thyroid.

How many foods trigger the thyroid?

Processed food

If you consume a large amount of processed food that contains sodium it increases the risk of having high blood pressure and thyroid.

A list of processed food are given below:

. Breakfast cereals

. Cheese

. Tinned vegetables

. Bread

. Snacks

. Sausages

. Cakes and biscuits

High-fat fried foods

High-fat fried foods are not healthy for the body; it triggers thyroid so trying to eat that type of food less.

A list of high fat fried food are given below:

. Popcorn with butter

. Potato chips

. Cheese and crackers

Refined sugar

You can be gaining weight by using refined sugar and due to this condition, you can suffer from thyroid issues. Eating excess levels of refined sugars can lead to a number of other negative consequences.


Through this article, you can know which type of food you can eat which can increase the chances of having thyroid but if you suffer from this issue then you have to consult with the best Endocrinologist in Pakistan through InstaCare.


What food is bad for the thyroid?

The function of the thyroid gland is the secret hormones T3 and T4 located in your neck. The purpose of the thyroid is to control the metabolism of cells that are present in your body. If you are having thyroid issues don't eat cabbage, soy, wheat, sugar, caffeine, and fried foods.

Which food is good to eat for the thyroid?

Seaweed, yogurt, milk, egg, berries are beneficial for eating thyroid because it contains natural iodine which helps to improve thyroid function.

Eating eggs is best to control thyroid?

Yes, it is best to control the thyroid because it contains 15 % of iodine and 20 % of selenium which requires your body for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.