Breast Cancer Risk Factors

As we age, risk factors of different diseases get attached to us. Nothing can prevent breast cancer completely. But some things can help you in lowering it. Risk factor means anything that can increase your chances of getting the disease. They will guide you about how you can lower them and when to get screening tests done. In this article, we are going to discuss the risk factors associated with breast cancer. 


Being a woman increases the risk of getting breast cancer. Males can get it too, but it is not common among them because their breasts are not fully developed and active and are not under the influence of estrogen.


By the passage of time, as women age, the risk of breast cancer increases, especially after their menopause. It happens because estrogen levels increase in the breast, making it prone to breast cancer. Also, it happens because aging can cause genetic mutations, that serve as a risk factor for any type of cancer. 

Family History 

Family history plays an important role in causing breast cancer. For women who have anyone first-degree relative (like a mother, sister, or daughter) who has a history of breast cancer, their risk of getting it doubles. While those having two first-degree relatives with the same history, their risk of breast cancer increases by as much as five times. If you are one of those at high risk, get your screening tests done on time.


Passage of abnormal genes from parents to their offspring can increase the risk of getting breast cancer. 

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Being overweight or obese increases the risk of getting breast cancer, especially at the time of menopause. It happens because fatty tissues produce estrogen, which can invariably lead to breast cancer. Maintain a healthy body mass index, that is below 25, to lower the risk of breast cancer. 

Pregnancy History

Women who do not have had any full-term pregnancy, or who gave birth after 30 years of age are at risk of getting breast cancer, as compared to those who have had a full-term pregnancy and gave birth before 30 years of age. Pregnancy seems to protect your breast from cancer. It also happens because pregnancy causes you to miss periods, which eventually results in low estrogen levels.  


Breastfeeding your child for more than 1 year reduces the risk of getting breast cancer. Generally, it happens because milk production for such a long time enables the breast cells to behave in the right way. However, breastfeeding for less than a year may not help in protecting against it. 

Menstrual History 

Women who have had their first period before the age of 12 are at greater risk of having breast cancer. It happens because they get longer exposure eventually with the hormones estrogen and progesterone and their disruptors. The longer they keep menstruating, the greater the risk of breast cancer becomes. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Women, as they reach menopause, suffer from symptoms like hot flashes and weak bones. To overcome it, doctors often prescribe them hormone replacement therapy that contains progesterone and estrogen. Therefore, it is better to take it for the shortest possible duration and in the minimum possible dose. 


Breast cancer is not a solely preventable condition. However regular screenings through mammograms and breast examinations can help in early detection, which makes it easier to treat. Moreover, to lower its risk, maintain a healthy weight, quit smoking, and do not drink alcohol. Eat a clean and healthy diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables. Incorporate exercise into your routine to keep yourself healthy. You can also book an appointment with the best general surgeon in Lahore if you find anything suspicious during your breast examination.

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