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beurer bp apperatus bm-28


Patented resting indicator

Universal cuff, including for larger upper arm circumferences up to 42 cm

Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement on the upper arm

Average of all saved measured values


One for all - the blood pressure monitor has a universal cuff that is also suitable for larger upper arm circumferences up to 42 cm. The integrated cuff position control gives you additional certainty about the accuracy of the measured blood pressure values during each measurement. The resting indicator mean that blood pressure measurements are reliable and easy for the user.

Directions For Use

Operation with the mains part.

You can also operate this device with a mains part not included in delivery.

However, before connecting the device with the mains part, please ensure that you have removed the batteries from the device.

During mains operation, there must not be any batteries in the battery compartment, as this could damage the device.

To avoid any potential damage, the device may only be operated with a mains part that meets the specifications.

Furthermore, the mains part must only be connected to the mains voltage that is specified on the type plate.

Insert the mains part into the connection provided for this purpose on the right-hand side of the blood pressure monitor.

Then insert the mains plug of the mains part into the mains socket.

After using the blood pressure monitor, unplug the mains part from the mains socket first and then disconnect it from the blood pressure monitor. As soon as you unplug

the mains part, the blood pressure monitor loses the date and time setting but the saved measured values are retained.


The measurements you take are for your information only they are not a substitute for a medical examination.Discuss your measured values with your doctor and never make your own medical decisions based on them e.g. regarding medicine doses.The device is only intended for the purpose described in these instructions for use.


Do not use the blood pressure monitor on newborns, children or pets.