Do you often feel low without any reason? That is alright. You may feel like that after major events or distressing periods of your life. All of us go through different stages of our lives and face different challenges that can make us feel low. You may lack confidence, or do not want to talk to someone, or do not want to socialize because you are feeling low but it will pass in a day or two. The low mood does not remain for a long time. However, if it persists for a long time, you must consult with a healthcare provider as it can be a sign of depression.

During a major depressive episode, the energy levels of the person become very low and the world around them feels to collapse and shatter. There are feelings of extreme sadness and anger. The person loses interest in activities that previously used to excite them. Doing a simple small task feels like a big thing to accomplish, and the person may sleep for longer than usual periods. Feelings of low self-esteem and worthlessness begin to take over a person, and they may even get suicidal thoughts.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

The signs and symptoms of depression may continue for a long time. Also, they are severe as compared to a low mood. They can be as follows;

  • Feeling angry and agitated
  • Losing interest in activities in which you were interested before.
  • Crying and feeling of hopelessness
  • Loss of concentration
  • Laying on couch/bed for a long time
  • Avoiding exposure to friends and family
  • Thinking negatively
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Lack of energy
  • Alterations in eating habits-either overeating or loss of appetite
  • Why Are You Feeling Low?
  • The reasons that can make you feel low can be
  • Having any disease or a chronic condition
  • Losing a loved one
  • Losing a job
  • Unable to achieve your goal
  • Lack of sleep the night
  • Comparing your life with someone else
  • Job stress and workload
  • Bullying
  • Company of negative people
  • A toxic relationship

If you face these symptoms then consult with the Psychiatrist immediately.

How Can You Get Rid of Depression?

To get rid of depression, you can do the following activities;

Do Some Interesting Activities

If you are depressed, engage yourself in different interesting activities like painting, drawing, or pottery. These kinds of activities help you to connect with yourself and refresh your mind. They let your brain get rid of negative thoughts going on in your mind. If you often feel low, list down the activities, and incorporate them into your routine. Doing that will lift your mood, eventually letting you feel better.

Talk to Someone

Speak to someone in your family or friend whom you trust. Tell them about the thing that is making you feel depressed. A heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one can help in finding out solutions to your problems.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleeping is an essential component of keeping yourself healthy. If you want to stay fit, both physically and mentally, you must take a proper good night's sleep. When you do not sleep well at the night, you constantly feel agitated in the daytime. Furthermore, when you sleep in the night, your body repairs and heals itself that helps you get rid of many diseases as well as depression.


Depression can occur due to the different circumstances of your life. Staying positive in hard times is the key to recovery. Moreover, talk to your loved ones about the things bothering you. Try to figure out the cause and find out the solution to the problem. Engage yourself in interesting activities. Do not overthink, and get rid of all the negative thoughts going on in your mind. If you need help to get rid of depression, and low mood, you can consult with the best psychiatrist in Pakistan through InstaCare.