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similac baby milk stage 1 400g


Vitamin D to help in coping up with the lack of sunlight exposure

A distinguished vegetable fat

Prebiotics to fight off all the bacterial infection that might affect your baby

Linoleic Acid that is an essential fatty acid, which helps with the child's brain development

Eye-Q System of nutrients containing AA, DHA, Omega 3 & 6, and iron to eliminate the risk of any injury that might take place or cardiovascular diseases that might surface later in life

Calcium for stronger bones and for bone development


Similac Milk Powder-1 400gm is formulated for babies to support their brain and eye development. It is known for its nutritional value, especially for children who belong to the age group of 0-6 months. This formula is a starter's formula with complete nutrients needed for the first 6 months of the baby's lives making it the best milk formula in the market for the new born babies.

Directions For Use

mix powder in warm water


consume within 2 hours


check expiry date