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Understanding the Role of a Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeons repair injuries and congenital (present at birth) defects which affect appearance or function. They use reconstructive and cosmetic techniques to restore areas impacted by significant illnesses such as cancer. They also perform procedures to enhance physical features for aesthetic reasons.

Scope of Practice

The scope of practice of a plastic surgeon encompasses a wide range of medical procedures aimed at reconstructing, restoring, or altering the form and function of various body parts. Plastic surgery can be broadly divided into two categories: reconstructive surgery and aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery.

  • Reconstructive Surgery: Plastic surgeons specializing in reconstructive surgery aim to restore the normal appearance and function of body structures that have been affected by congenital anomalies, trauma, infection, tumours, or other medical conditions. The scope of reconstructive surgery includes:
  • Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery: Plastic surgeons specializing in aesthetic surgery focus on enhancing the appearance of various body parts to improve self-esteem and overall well-being. The scope of aesthetic surgery includes:

Specializations in Plastic Surgeon

Within the field of plastic surgery, there are several specialized areas that plastic surgeons can choose to focus on. These subspecialties allow surgeons to develop expertise in specific areas and provide specialized patient care. Here are some of the common specializations within plastic surgery:

  • Hand Surgery
  • Craniofacial Surgery
  • Microsurgery
  • Breast Surgery
  • Cosmetic Facial Surgery:
  • Body Contouring

Services Offered

Plastic surgeons at InstaCare offer a wide range of services to address various medical and aesthetic concerns. Here are some of the services commonly provided by plastic surgeons:

Reconstructive Surgery:

  • Breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy
  • Cleft lip and palate repair
  • Reconstruction of facial and body defects resulting from trauma or cancer surgery
  • Hand surgery for congenital deformities or injuries
  • Reconstruction of the genitalia
  • Burn reconstruction
  • Microsurgery for tissue transfer and replantation

Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery:

  • Liposuction
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
  • Body contouring procedures (such as thigh lift, arm lift, and body lift)
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Breast augmentation (implants or fat transfer)
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lift (mastopexy)
  • Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)
  • Facelifts
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
  • Brow lift
  • Lip augmentation
  • Facial rejuvenation procedures (such as Botox, dermal fillers, and laser treatments)
  • Hair transplantation
  • Gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction)

Hand Surgery:

  • Reconstructive surgery for hand deformities
  • Tendon repair and transfer
  • Microsurgical procedures for hand reconstruction
  • Treatment of hand fractures and injuries
  • Nerve compression disorders (e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome)

Craniofacial Surgery:

  • Facial reconstructive surgery for trauma or congenital abnormalities
  • Orthognathic surgery (correction of jaw deformities)
  • Correction of craniosynostosis (premature fusion of skull sutures)
  • Cleft lip and palate repair
  • Correction of facial asymmetry


  • Free tissue transfer for complex reconstructions
  • Replantation of amputated body parts
  • Nerve repair and reconstruction
  • Lymphedema surgery
  • Vascularized bone grafting

Preventive Care

Plastic surgeons at InstaCare primarily focus on surgical interventions for reconstructive and aesthetic purposes rather than preventive care. However, certain aspects of preventive care may be relevant to plastic surgery. These include:

  • Skin Cancer Screening
  • Breast Health
  • Wound Care
  • Scar Management
  • Patient Education

Diagnosis and Treatment

A plastic surgeon at InstaCare's primary focus is on diagnosing and treating conditions related to reconstructive and aesthetic concerns. Here's a general overview of the diagnosis and treatment process:


  • Patient Consultation
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Clinical Assessment


  • Treatment Planning
  • Surgical Interventions
  • Non-Surgical Interventions
  • Follow-Up Care

Advancements in Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery has seen several advancements in recent years, driven by technological advancements, surgical techniques, and research. Some of the notable advancements in plastic surgery include:

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures
  • Robotic Surgery
  • 3D Printing
  • Fat Grafting and Stem Cells
  • Non-Surgical Body Contouring
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Scar Management
  • Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

Plastic Surgeons at InstaCare play a crucial role in the field of medicine and aesthetics. We offer complete care by providing various services, such as diagnosis, treatment, and preventative care. Book your appointment now with our specialists.

What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery?

Cosmetic plastic surgery aims to improve or change a person's look for aesthetic purposes. It covers liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose job), and breast augmentation. Reconstructive plastic surgery, on the other hand, attempts to return the body's form and function following damage, illness, or injury.

How much time does it take to recuperate from plastic surgery?

Depending on the treatment and the patient, there are differences in the recovery time following plastic surgery. It usually lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. While many treatments only need a short recovery period, others might need a more extended recovery period to promote healing.


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