Alnoor Diagnostic Centre

Alnoor Diagnostic Centre HCV PCR (Qualitative) Test Price and Details

Last Updated On Saturday, March 2, 2024

Alnoor Diagnostic Centre

Alnoor Diagnostic Centre HCV PCR (Qualitative) Test Price and Details

Last Updated On Saturday, March 2, 2024

HCV PCR (Qualitative) at Alnoor Diagnostic Centre

Known as: Hepatitis C Virus (Qualitative),Hepatitis C Viral Load,Hepatitis C Antibody,Anti-HCV

Rs. 5950 Rs. 7000 15% off

What is the HCV Test?

The HCV RNA PCR is a test that is used to identify if the virus of hepatitis C exists in the blood of the patient or not. If it does then the test will also detect the amount of it present in your body. This is called viral load in your body. This test is not only for diagnosis but it also gives your doctor an indication about what type of treatment to give you. The best treatment will help you heal quickly.

When is an HCV Test performed?

This test is performed when following symptoms are evident in your body.

  1. Fever
  2. Fatigue
  3. decreased appetite
  4. nausea
  5. vomiting
  6. abdominal pain
  7. urine with dark color  
  8. pale faeces
  9. joint pain
  10. jaundice in which the white parts of your eyes and your skin gets yellow.

What does an HCV test detect?

There are many things that an HCV Test can detect.

  1. The basic purpose of this test is to diagnose the presence of HCV. It tells you if you have virus in your body or not.
  2. The qualitative test is often the second test that a you will be suggested and your doctor will use to confirm whether HCV is present in the blood. It typically follows the HCV antibody test.
  3. In the antibody test, it will be checked if your body is making enough antibodies to fight off the HCV infection or not. If your test comes back positive for HCV antibodies then your doctor will use HCV RNA PCR testing to confirm and measure the amount of HCV that is present in your blood.
  4. After that, your doctor might suggest you a similar type of quantitative test. It is also known as a transcription-mediated amplification (TMA) test. According to recent and latest research, this test can detect even the slightest presence of HCV in your blood. Your doctor may not think that it’s necessary for you if the PCR test gives sufficient results.

What are the benefits of this test?

This is a basic diagnostic test and you will know if you have the virus or not. If you have it then you can treat it with medication.

When should I know the results of this Test?

The time when you receive the results of this tests depends on from where you get this test done. But usually, it takes a day or two. These days, when technology is increasing, you can also view your test results online on your smart phone. You will not even have to get out of the comfort zone of your home to pick up your results.

HCV Test Results range?

There are 2 possible results of your qualitative HCV test.

If the test result says detected, then it will mean that the HCV virus is present in your blood. And if the results say undetected then it will mean that no virus is present in your blood or there can be so tiny amount that is not possible to detect. The tests can still be positive even after you have been on treatment for a long time. Because this test can detect the presence of the virus.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many labs in Pakistan but no lab is providing patients the facility of home sample collection for this test because it needs to be done in specific environment and timings.

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