pH (Urine) Test Price and Details in Lahore

9 labs available

Last Updated On Friday, June 14, 2024

pH (Urine) Test Price and Details in Lahore

9 labs available

Last Updated On Friday, June 14, 2024

Alnoor Diagnostic Centre

pH (Urine) at Alnoor Diagnostic Centre

Rs. 238 Rs. 280 15% off
Hameed Latif Hospital Laboratories

pH (Urine) at Hameed Latif Hospital Laboratories

Rs. 238 Rs. 280 15% off
Test Zone Diagnostic Center

pH (Urine) at Test Zone Diagnostic Center

Rs. 240 Rs. 300 20% off
Abu Bakar Lab

pH (Urine) at Abu Bakar Lab

Rs. 225 Rs. 300 25% off
PHC Diagnostics

pH (Urine) at PHC Diagnostics

Rs. 270 Rs. 360 25% off
Chughtai Lab

pH (Urine) at Chughtai Lab

Rs. 320 Rs. 400 20% off
Excel Labs

pH (Urine) at Excel Labs

Rs. 360 Rs. 450 20% off
CMA Hospital Research Lab

pH (Urine) at CMA Hospital Research Lab

Rs. 292.5 Rs. 450 35% off

Frequently Asked Questions

The pH (Urine) test is a medical diagnosis of your health which is conducted by healthcare laboratories. In this test, the lab will collect your Complete pH (Urine) sample and will process it in its facility. Reporting time of pH (Urine) test is 2 Day(s). After the processing results will be published and you will be notified. You can either download your lab test report online or can visit the near sample collection center to get printed reports.

Medical tests are the procedures in which a laboratory takes a sample of your blood, urine, or any other body fluid or body tissue to get detailed information about your health. Usually, lab tests are used to help to diagnose and screening specific diseases or medical conditions. Some tests are also used to gain general information about organs and body systems.

The price of pH (Urine) tests varies from lab to lab but on InstaCare you will find discounts on the tests. Price range of pH (Urine) test is 500 - 900.

Yes, You can view the results of your tests online with InstaCare and its partners.

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