Semen Analysis Test Price and Details

16 labs available

Known As: Sperm Analysis,Sperm Coun,Seminal Fluid Analysis

Last Updated On Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Semen Analysis Test Price and Details

16 labs available

Known As: Sperm Analysis,Sperm Coun,Seminal Fluid Analysis

Last Updated On Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Rs. 800 Rs. 1000 20% off
Rs. 840 Rs. 1050 20% off
Rs. 1200 Rs. 1500 20% off
Rs. 1360 Rs. 1700 20% off
Rs. 1440 Rs. 1800 20% off
Rs. 2125 Rs. 2500 15% off
Rs. 2400 Rs. 3000 20% off

What is the Semen Analysis Test?

A Semen Analysis, seminogram, or spermiogram is a test done to evaluate certain characteristics of a male's semen or the quality and characteristics of its sperm. One of the main reasons for it to get tested is to check the sperm count and the sperm quality/motility as well. Which is an indicator of fertility. If a male has been unable to produce children, then he is prescribed to get this test done. One of the main reasons of infertility is less sperm count and low motility.

When is a Semen Analysis performed?

There are the main 2 situations when a semen analysis test is performed. If a person has been un-able to produce children after 1 year of intercourse, then this test is suggested. It is also suggested if a vasectomy is performed. They check if the vasectomy was successful or not by performing this test.

What does a Semen Analysis detect?

Your Semen Analysis test will detect the following things.


The volume will be a measurement of semen in your sample. Low volume causes in infertility.

Sperm Count:

The sperm count also is the number of sperm that are present in the sample.

Sperm Concentration:

It measures the quantity of sperms in the semes. A low concentration causes in infertility.

Sperm movement (motility):

It tells you the percentage of sperm that are moving forward. Sperm must be able to move forward to fertilize an egg.

Sperm shape:

It indicates the number of sperm that have a normal shape. Sperm with abnormal shapes may not be able to fertilize an egg.


Will tell the acidity of your semen. Abnormal acidity can kill sperm causing infertility.

White blood cells:

It can be a sign that an infection is causing your fertility.

What are the benefits of this test?

 After getting this test done, you will get an idea about how much infertility you have and if it is treatable or not. After knowing, you will be able to treat it by only targeting that specific area or category.

When should I know the results of the Semen Analysis Test?

You can get results of your test after a day and even in some labs you can get the results within a few hours. It depends from where you get tested.

Semen Analysis Test Results range?

Here are the normal ranges of a Semen Analysis Test.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Semen Analysis test is a medical diagnosis of your health which is conducted by healthcare laboratories. In this test, the lab will collect your Semen Analysis sample and will process it in its facility. Reporting time of Semen Analysis test is 2 Day(s). After the processing results will be published and you will be notified. You can either download your lab test report online or can visit the near sample collection center to get printed reports.

Medical tests are the procedures in which a laboratory takes a sample of your blood, urine, or any other body fluid or body tissue to get detailed information about your health. Usually, lab tests are used to help to diagnose and screening specific diseases or medical conditions. Some tests are also used to gain general information about organs and body systems.

The price of Semen Analysis tests varies from lab to lab but on InstaCare you will find discounts on the tests. Price range of Semen Analysis test is 3000 - 3000.

Yes, You can view the results of your tests online with InstaCare and its partners.

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