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Chughtai Lab Anti-HCV Test Price and Details

Last Updated On Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Chughtai Lab

Chughtai Lab Anti-HCV Test Price and Details

Last Updated On Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Anti-HCV at Chughtai Lab

Known as: Anti Hepatitis C Virus Antibodies, ANTI HCV,Hepatitis C Antibody

Rs. 2120 Rs. 2650 20% off

What is the Anti HCV Test?

An HCV antibody test is a blood test in which your blood is checked for the presence of the hepatitis C virus. Sometimes, the HCV antibody test is also called the anti-HCV test. And the main purpose of this test is to look for antibodies to the hepatitis C virus in the blood. These antibodies are chemicals that are released in your blood stream when it gets infected by any invader and the antibodies are different for different types of pathogens or microbes.

When is an Anti HCV performed?

According to CDC, all those who are above 18 years of age should at least get this test done once in their life. But in the following circumstances, the Anti HCV test becomes mandatory.

  1. If you use IV drugs.
  2. Even if you used IV drugs a long time ago.
  3. Presence of HIV.
  4. A Kidney patient who is regular on dialysis.
  5. If you are pregnant.
  6. If your ALT values are not normal.
  7. If you got an un protected blood transfusion.
  8. If you got exposed to the virus by a health worker.
  9. If your mother had HCV when you were born.

What does an Anti HCV test detect?

The main technology used for this test is ELISA that checks antibodies produced in your body. It is the only test that you would be prescribed to get done. These are proteins your body makes when it finds the hep C virus in your blood. They start to develop at least 12 weeks after you have been exposed to the virus. It will be the antibodies that your test will be detecting. You can get a rapid test done and then get the results within a few hours.

What are the benefits of this test?

This is a basic diagnostic test for hepatitis C and you will get to know if you have been infected or not.

When should I know the results of this Test?

You will probably get the results of your test within a few hours but it really depends from where you get your test done. You can get this test done at any hospital or also at the laboratory of your choice. Almost a few hours after submitting the sample, you will receive a message that will inform you that you test results are ready. You can either watch them online or pick them up from the laboratory.

Anti HCV Test Results range?

Followings are the ranges of the Anti HCV test result.

  1. Non-Reactive HCV

If your test results say that your results are negative then it means that you are not infected with HCV virus and no antibodies were found. If you think that you were exposed to the virus but you got your test to early then within a gap of a week, you need to get your test done again.

  1. A Positive Reactive HCV

If you get infected with HCV then your body will make antibodies and they can be found in your blood through the ELISA test. So, if the virus can be found in your body, then it means that you have the infection. You can get a follow up test if you want to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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